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mAccounting Grows Revenue by 70% in Three Years with BILL

Thomas B. Gabbert, CPA, Managing Director of mAccounting, LLC, explains how his firm uses BILL to expand services, gain clients and add efficiency to the AP process.
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Tell us about your firm:

mAccounting started 13 years ago and provides outsourced accounting, tax and CFO services to small and mid-sized companies. Using the latest cloud-based technology, we’re focused on delivering actionable, custom-developed accounting and tax solutions. We believe in freedom through technology. The cloud helps us grow the firm, be efficient and devote more time to clients.

Why did you decide to use BILL?

Three years ago, I saw a BILL demo. Thirty seconds into it, I thought “This changes everything.” Using BILL and other cloud based tools, our employees have the flexibility to work remotely and more efficiently and our clients have the freedom to focus on running their businesses while staying connected and informed.

How has BILL improved your workflow process?

BILL cuts 40% or more of the time typically associated with the accounts payable cycle. We efficiently get rid of the traditional paper shuffle. BILL also ensures that the approval process is followed completely. A bill doesn’t get stuck on someone’s desk.

How have your clients responded to BILL?

Our clients love BILL. When I show them BILL, the common response is, “This is great. I wish I had this a year ago.”

What sort of return on investment has BILL helped you achieve?

Since making the decision to embrace cloud-based accounting tools like BILL, we have removed the traditional geographic boundaries and grown our firm revenue by more than 70% in the last three years. We now have clients across the country. We have also been able to achieve higher margins while improving overall client retention, and BILL has been a key part of that success.

What tips would you give other accountants and firms who are looking to improve and scale their business?

Get on board and embrace cloud-based technology. Firms that don’t will be left behind.

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