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Maxwell Money Saves Clients Thousands of Dollars with

Chris Livermore, a principal at Maxwell Money, shares how his firm has expanded business while saving clients time and money.
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Tell us about your firm.

For three decades, we have provided bookkeeping, accounting and finance solutions to small businesses, professional firms, private clients, nonprofits and other entities. Our size and experience allow us to offer sophisticated workflows utilizing separation of duties supported by technology.

Why did you decide to use provides Transport Layer Security (TLS), audit trails and support for our required separation of duties. We haven’t found anything better than Since it stores a history of invoicing and payments in the cloud, clients can answer AP questions without digging through the general ledger. We require all of our clients to use

What do your clients think of

They love it. It has been a game changer for a number of them.

How has helped your firm profit?

While other bookkeepers won’t handle accounts payable due to liability concerns, we can manage the risks associated with this activity with and welcome new business.

For accounts receivable, we’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars each year by using to collect payments rather than PayPal or credit cards. One client saves over $15,000 a year in fees with the invoicing capabilities from Plus, our clients appreciate the ability to set up recurring invoicing with auto-payments.

For our own firm, it used to take two partners a full day to process our own invoicing. With, we now finish the task in a few hours and collect payments automatically.

What tips would you give firms that are looking to improve and scale their business?

Embrace, invest the time to learn it, utilize its certification program and integrate it with existing accounting technologies.

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