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How Sum of All Numbers Increased Profit by $40,000 a Year with

In this interview with, Holly DeVito, CEO of Sum of All Numbers, shares how she used to increase revenue, gain more Accounts Payable (AP) clients and streamline processes.
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Tell us about your firm and what makes you unique.

Sum of All Numbers is a virtual bookkeeping firm with 18 employees and 400 clients worldwide. We focus on healthcare providers and business-to-business service providers.

Why did you decide to use

About two years ago, we were doing AP for clients, which included printing and sending checks. Inevitably, we were doing AP differently for all clients. enabled us to provide AP and bill pay consistently across all clients. We offer value-based billing, so efficiency is incredibly important.

What kind of ROI have you gotten from

90% of of our new clients use Sum of All Numbers for bill pay. The number of new clients using has increased by 600 percent in the last two years. With, Sum of All Numbers has increased our profit by $40,000 a year. has also eliminated the hours we would spend on back and forth such as who is going to print the checks and how it will be done. It has made things more efficient, which is important for a firm that bills based on value.

How do you use makes bill pay much easier for us. Before, we didn’t know the actual costs of paper-based bill pay each month in terms of printing and mailing. Costs would fluctuate. Now sends the bill payments electronically so we understand the exact cost of bill pay services each month.

How has improved your workflow process?

With a paper-based bill pay process, we used to have problems with late payments and fees – simply because a client was slow to answer questions or approve payments. Now, we can set up an auditable workflow for bill pay approval which saves time, hassle and money.

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