Visibility, Scale and Control: Why AP Teams Should Automate Now

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Webinar description

It’s easy to feel stuck when working in a small AP team. You spend your days manually processing mounds of paper invoices without any time left for the higher-value tasks you could be providing for the Finance department. And, understandably, you feel even more trapped as the organization grows and the number of invoices climb—but not by enough to justify adding another member to the AP team. In an attempt to help AP professionals address these crucial issues, BILL partnered with IOFM to explore the ways small to mid-sized AP teams can solve these unique challenges. Modern, cloud-based, AI-enabled technologies can help these teams boost efficiency in any environment, whether working in an office or from home, while also increasing transparency and control within the AP operation. In the on-demand webinar, Why AP Teams Should Automate Now, Hear from IOFM’s Executive Editor, Jess Scheer, and Product Marketer at BILL, Renard Ihlenfeld, as they share what AP teams at small to mid-size organizations are doing to overcome these challenges, plan strategically, find efficiencies, and maintain the financial health of their organizations.