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As the world moves to a more distributed work environment, traditional AP processes need to adapt to hybrid and remote conditions to ensure there are no security vulnerabilities.

The more you learn about the types of fraud and fraud mitigation strategies, the better equipped you will be to detect and prevent fraud before it happens.

Join IOFM and BILL in this webinar to explore the forms fraud can take and what protections an ideal AP automation solution should provide to guard your business’s cash, its vendors, and ultimately, its reputation.

You’ll learn about:

  • Top forms of fraud targeting payments
  • Steps you can take to minimize fraud risk
  • Types of protections you should look for in an automated AP solution

Meet the speakers

Jess Scheer
Editor, IOFM

Jess Scheer is an award-winning business reporter, covering the needs of financial operations professionals for more than two decades. As IOFM’s executive editor, Jess is responsible for continually updating member content on IOFM.com, as well as building our certification and event agendas.

Krithika Ramadoss
Vice President, Risk Strategy, Bill.com

Krithika has over 20 years of experience helping companies successfully bring new products to market and protect themselves against the constantly evolving digital threat landscape. Over the last decade, Krithika’s focus has been building a best-in-class global fraud management platform and directing strategic investments in risk management systems including in-product and back-end controls, rule-based and predictive risk models, and third party risk assessment and detection tools.

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