Our Mission: Make it simple to connect and do business.

What We Do

We bring innovation to the back office. Our cloud-based, collaborative business payments platform automates paying and getting paid, making life easier for businesses of all sizes.

Who We Serve

Business owners should spend time chasing dreams, not paper. That’s why we designed a simple, powerful solution for any business, from sole proprietorship to enterprise. We also give accounting firms and banks the tools they need to help businesses succeed.


Founder and CEO René Lacerte comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and he's a serial entrepreneur himself. He's seen firsthand how inefficiency can distract from the goals that matter most: building business and delighting customers.

Previously, René founded PayCycle, an industry-leading online payroll service. While running the company, he felt the same pain that all business owners feel when trying to pay vendors and contractors, get paid on time, and keep everything organized.

So, he combined his empathy with his love of efficiency to create a solution, and Bill.com was launched in April 2006.

Today, Bill.com manages $70 billion in payments annually, and millions of businesses pay and get paid on our network. We're the preferred solution for over 70% of the top 100 U.S. accounting firms and a trusted partner of leading U.S. financial institutions.

When I started this company, I envisioned building a special place with special people, to keenly understand the pain that all businesses feel when it comes to paying and getting paid.

It was a simple but powerful idea, and together we deliver on that idea through our dedication and hard work.


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