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Interview: How Armanino LLP Modernized International Business Payments

David Miller, Partner, Outsourced Finance & Accounting for Armanino LLP, discusses the complexities of international payments and how the top-25 accounting firm took a modern approach to streamline and secure them. Armanino LLP is one of the largest independent accounting and business consulting firms in the nation and provides an integrated set of audit, tax, business management, consulting and technology solutions to companies in the U.S. and globally.

Q: What challenges did Armanino face with traditional global business payments like wire transfers?

A: As a leading accounting firm with a global presence, we manage clients that are engaged in large volumes of international transactions. They regularly need to make payments to vendors in all corners of the globe, from France to Germany to Australia and beyond.

Facilitating international wire transfers between clients and vendors was a constant hassle. Each time a cross-border bill needed to be paid, a client would have to set up a wire transfer through a bank. The process was complicated, time-consuming, and also expensive. Banks would charge $30 or $40 for each wire transfer. That adds up quickly.

Beyond the fees, we dealt with time lags, multiple currency exchange rates, and duplicative administrative tasks that impacted our ability to reconcile books quickly.

Q: How did you modernize your international payments process?

A: We knew that there had to be a better way to handle these global payments. When my contact at mentioned that international payments is now available, our team was so happy. Now, cross-border payments are as easy as domestic ones. Vendors email invoices to Our clients review and approve them online or via smartphones. Plus, international payments are processed for a fraction of what most banks charge.

More importantly, there’s a much smaller chance for error with All payments domestic and international go through It’s integrated with accounting software and apps and automatically calculates and applies currency conversion rates, which makes reconciliation much more efficient. Each payment runs through an audit-ready approval workflow and clients can see the bills, payment history, and associated contracts within the system.  

Q: How have clients and their vendors responded to International Business Payments from

A: Clients are happy because the process is cost-effective and easier. Global payments are incredibly efficient now. Vendors are happy because they get paid on time. They get notifications when the payment is on its way and can track its progress online.

Q: How has this new method of handling global business payments benefited the firm?

A: This is a crucial part of our business. Knowing that it is managed through makes us feel confident that the whole process is under control and running smoothly. Easier international payments allow us to elevate our customer experience and run more efficiently because our international clients and vendors can pay and get paid in an efficient, cost-effective manner worldwide.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say about International Business Payments from

It doesn’t get better than this, honestly.


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