3 ways we promise to help make 2023 your strongest year yet

3 ways we promise to help make 2023 your strongest year yet

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At BILL, we’re champions of SMBs. We know that running a business is no easy feat, and it’s our passion to empower you with the tools you need to thrive.

This year, we’re doubling down on our commitment to your business. We have exciting plans to offer you even more value, helping you to further unify your financial operations and optimize your financial future.

Here are three promises we’re making to you in 2023. We want to help make this year hands—down one of your strongest yet—for your business, customers, team, and greater community.

1. We promise to give you more features you’ll love

You asked and we listened. Throughout 2023, we’ll launch valuable new experiences and functionality to streamline your operations.

For AP customers, it’ll be easier to find and connect to vendors already in the BILL network. You’ll have additional visibility into your payment status for incoming and outgoing payments.

For AR customers, we are stepping up invoicing capabilities and making getting paid via credit card or ACH with guest pay much easier.

For spend & expense customers, we are adding controls to spend management to decentralize card spend based on budget groups and customer approval flows.

We’re also adding process improvements, like integration with Google Maps for mileage tracking for expense reimbursement.

As we continue integrating new tools into BILL this year, we look forward to delivering an even better experience for you.

2. We promise to give you the support you need

We’re always looking for ways to improve your support experience. We’re listening to your feedback and are using this to guide investments. In 2023, we’ll make getting support when, where, and how you need it easier and faster.

We’ve rolled out phone support to all BILL paid subscribers. No need to deal with phone trees or waste time on hold. Send us your phone number with “request a call” and we’ll call you back typically within a half hour. We’ve expanded our support hours with 18 hours of additional support coverage every week, from 5 am - 6 pm PT, Monday to Friday, and on weekends, from 6 am - 3 pm PT (excluding holidays).

Soon we’ll also launch an improved help center and virtual assistant to help you find answers to your questions quickly and easily. And we’ll ensure you can be seamlessly connected to our support associates if you need more assistance.

3. We promise to be accountable

Accountability is one of BILL’s core values. From building products that SMBs and accountants love to delivering genuinely delightful customer experiences, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard of service.

If there are ways we can better serve you and your business, I want to hear from you. To contact us, I encourage you to leave feedback within the “Get Help” section of your BILL platform. We take your feedback seriously and use it to help inform our products and services every day.

We’re also committed to regularly informing you of new tools, updates, products, and services.

At BILL, we are excited to be on this journey together. Whether 2023 brings new opportunities, challenges, or changes for your business, we’ll be with you every step of the way. This is my promise to you.

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