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Bookkeeper360 saves up to 130 hours a month with BILL

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Bookkeeper360 saves up to 130 hours a month with BILL

Bookkeeper360 stands by the principle of deep engagement with their clientele. The New York-based  firm has successfully worked with thousands of clients, delivering services from CFO consulting to accounts payable (AP) and beyond. Nick Pasquarosa, the firm's visionary CEO, often emphasizes, "We’re a sponge for small business advice. We soak up as much information as possible to pass on to our clients." 

Thanks to BILL Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper360 has accelerated this process.

"For most business owners collaborating with Bookkeeper360, BILL Accounts Payable alleviates over 90% of back office challenges."

The challenge

A tedious, time-consuming AP process

Before implementing BILL Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper360 employed a shared network drive to manage AP, categorizing and archiving invoices in line with their approval procedure. 

But this method had limitations. Backing up the server was tedious, and creating and maintaining folders onerous. A scenario as simple as a vendor sending the same bill twice could lead to confusion about its payment status.

The solution

Time savings with BILL Accounts Payable

In 2013, the firm discovered BILL Accounts Payable and immediately recognized its potential. They loved that it consolidated documents in one place and refined the approval process.

The firm benefits 

More time to serve clients 

With BILL Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper360 could process each bill within just 1 or 2 minutes, down from 5 to 10 minutes. With over 1,000 payments monthly, this translated to saving up to 130 hours–time better spent serving clients.

Beyond time savings, BILL's automation capabilities have been transformative for the firm, increasing efficiency, profitability, and security. Clients often marvel at the convenience of automated bill payments, especially given the fast-paced nature of business operations today. The AP solution minimizes payment processing time and costs, mitigates risks like check fraud, and works seamlessly with cloud-based accountancy solutions.

The client benefits

Freeing up clients to focus on business

For most business owners collaborating with Bookkeeper360, BILL Accounts Payable alleviates over 90% of back-office challenges. Take one client, Autocare Network, a bridge between car washes and dealerships, which has a vast payment operation, dealing with roughly 500 payments monthly.

Before collaborating with Bookkeeper360 and BILL, the company either adopted direct deposits or used conventional checks, a process that Chris Reinhardt, President of Autocare Network, describes as labor-intensive and strenuous. In contrast, BILL brought simplicity, efficiency, and a digital edge to their operations.

"After BILL, my clients tell me, 'I now focus on running a business, not just a bill payment system.'"

Reinhardt recalls a trial phase when they reverted to paper checks, which only reaffirmed the irreplaceable convenience of BILL Accounts Payable. "So much of our business is digital now,” he explains. “Switching back to manual checks felt archaic.” Now, with the shift towards remote work, Reinhardt continues to manage AP seamlessly from home. 

Whether a client has hundreds of bills like Autocare Network or just a handful, BILL Accounts Payable is versatile enough to cater to all of them. Its scalability ensures clients don't need to transition to another system as their businesses grow. For example, as one client grew from $400,000 annual revenue to an impressive $26M in four years, BILL Accounts Payable supported them throughout their journey.

Finally, BILL’s accurate AP is  indispensable for high-caliber CFO consulting. BILL Accounts Payable provides one of Bookkeeper360’s clients, which has various retail and online stores, with precise P&L insights across all outlets, empowering them to make strategic business decisions. 

With BILL Accounts Payable, Bookkeeper360 has more control over their AP. Now, they can devote more time to helping clients streamline their AP too—and thrive. A common response after their clients adopt BILL? "I now focus on running a business, not just a bill payment system."

Firm name

Bookkeeper360 offers personalized bookkeeping, tax, and CFO advisory solutions to small and midsize businesses.  

Industry/vertical specialization

Technology, e-commerce/retail, real estate, professional services 

Number of employees


Total number of clients: 



Huntington, NY

Customer since



BILL Accounts Payable

BILL Accounts Receivable

BILL Spend & Expense

BILL integrations (accounting software)

Xero, QuickBooks Online 

  • Managing AP on a shared network drive involved various time-consuming, tedious server backups and other processes, and led to confusion about payment statuses 
Key outcomes 
  • Reduced processing time to 1 to 2 minutes per bill, saving up to 130 hours a month 
  • Scalability of BILL Accounts Payable allows Bookkeeper360 to support clients as they grow
  • Streamlined AP process allows clients to focus more on strategy and growth

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