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BILL is cornerstone of Redmond Accounting’s continued success

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BILL is cornerstone of Redmond Accounting’s continued success

As cloud adoption has accelerated, so has Redmond Accounting’s business. Founder Laura Redmond says one of the keys to her success was the early embrace of a paperless practice, realizing that the efficiency and cost-effectiveness gains would position the firm for growth. With strong capabilities that streamline back-office operations, automate invoice entry and support approval and payment workflows, BILL has been fundamental to the firm’s success.

Offering client accounting services, the firm acts as the accounting department for dozens of companies performing the roles of Controller and CFO. It also acts as a strategic advisor in a consulting capacity, setting up cloud accounting infrastructures for the growing number of companies looking to push their back-office processes to the cloud. As industry thought leaders, Redmond Accounting’s expertise includes making technology decisions and implementing innovative business processes, internal controls and paperless workflows.

“We have been using BILL for our firm and for our clients for over nine years. The success of our clients and our company depends on it,” said Laura Redmond, Founder of Redmond Accounting Inc. “BILL enables us to operate as very efficient accounting departments for our clients while providing them with peace-of-mind that their transactions are safe and secure. In addition to being able to pass on cost savings and efficiencies to our clients, our embrace of BILL and a paperless practice means internal controls and no manual checks for our clients, reducing concerns around fraud.”

Safeguards and cloud storage

Redmond Accounting offers different levels of service to match their clients’ unique needs, all while saving them time and money. The firm relies on features like date-stamped approvals to provide internal safeguards and expedited payment options with tracking, fast international payments, and remote access. The firm also sets up approval queues with multi-approval levels which allow executives to review and approve invoices in a matter of minutes. All of this transaction history is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed as needed, drastically reducing the time spent on filing and retrieving information. “Cloud storage is a huge benefit for us and for our clients. We store all of the client’s bills and vendor W-9s, and can easily access their historical information.”

Unsung heroes

With somewhere in the region of 500 invoices a month to pay and with volume steadily increasing, Redmond recalls how long it used to take to print, tear, paper clip and deliver invoices to clients in the past. “I recall life before cloud accounting! Once we had gone through all of the manual steps of printing and compiling checks with invoices, we then had to mail a package to the client, wait for the client to route and approve everything, and then send it back to us. It was a very labor-intensive process and there were many instances when paperwork or checks went missing,” says Redmond. “The controls that BILL has in place are the unsung heroes for our firm!” Every step of the AP process is tracked and safeguarded, and BILL accounts come with fraud protection, which gives Redmond peace of mind. “BILL definitely saves our firm and clients time but even if it took a little longer, I would still use it. It is that cool! It really is the cornerstone of our business.”




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