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Westland Construction saves hours with BILL Spend & Expense’s mobile app

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Westland Construction saves hours with BILL Spend & Expense’s mobile app

“What used to take 90 hours a month, takes two. Card users get a notification, take a picture of their receipt from the app, and we close the books. With BILL Spend & Expense, click some buttons, you’re done.”

The summary

Taking 30-40 days to close the books was the norm at Westland Construction—with numerous receipts to track down and no real expense management integration from Bank of America.

“Let me get my calculator,” says James Streeter, AP Manager at Westland Construction. “I’d estimate it took 180 hours a month to pull all the charges and reconcile our accounts. Now that we have BILL Spend & Expense, it’s closer to 20.”

James says that getting this time back has been the biggest money saver for his company. “We used to have just one dedicated employee managing all of our credit card charges, but thanks to BILL Spend & Expense, we can dedicate that time to other projects that need attention too.”

James believes that BILL Spend & Expense is accomplishing something that other banks haven’t been able to. “We’ve been with Wells Fargo and Bank of America—and from an accounting standpoint, they know what needs to be done. But from a realistic card user side, their interface is so bulky. You took it and simplified it.”

“With BILL Spend & Expense, click some buttons, you’re done. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that.”

The BILL Spend & Expense mobile app is the feature that Westland Construction appreciates the most. Beforehand, users were holding onto their receipts until they got back to their computers. Now, James says that they have all the information they need from card users within minutes of making the charge. If spenders don’t fill in transaction details right away—which is rare—the Westland finance team can go in and freeze the card, alerting spenders to add receipts or other information.

“It’s cut down so much time we spent hunting down receipts,” explains James. “What used to take 90 hours a month, takes two.”

Their previous software just doesn’t come close to the “titan” that is BILL Spend & Expense. Levi Brickey, AP Clerk at Westland Construction, put it this way: “If I had a choice to save my BILL Divvy Corporate Card or my child from a burning room—I would hesitate, like really hesitate, but still save my child. BILL Spend & Expense is the hesitation.”


Westland Construction is a commercial general contractor that operates both nationally and internationally with focuses on schools, churches, hospitals, and other retail projects.



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Orem, UT

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BILL Spend & Expense

Before BILL Spend & Expense:
  • 180 hours/month to close books
  • No clean way of exporting transactions or organizing receipts
  • One full-time employee managing card spend
  • $15/month for Bank of America business cards
After BILL Spend & Expense:
  • 20 hours/month to close books
  • Mobile notifications for card users
  • Receipts uploaded within minutes
  • Financial teams spending more time on strategic initiatives
  • $0/month for BILL Spend & Expense’s corporate card and expense management suite

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