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How can help get bills approved and paid faster?

Cloud Based Business Payments Platform Enables Businesses to Operate with Remote Employees and Multiple Locations

The business payments platform is cloud based. This enables any authenticated approver or payer in your system to access your company’s account from any location, as long as you have access to the internet. This means if your CFO is travelling, you don’t have to wait until he returns before the stacks of checks can be signed. The approver can log into using his laptop, or the mobile app, to review all outstanding bills that need to be approved. Not only can bills be approved with a click of a button, they can also be paid as well.

This benefit is not limited to travelling employees. The cloud based functionality can be leveraged for companies that have locations in different parts of the world.

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Stay In Touch With Your Customers Anytime of Day

Our cloud based solution not only gives you access to our accounts payable product from any device during any time of day, you can use to stay up to date with your outstanding invoices with our accounts receivable product as well. With a few taps on your favorite mobile device, you can check in on your invoices you have sent, send out payment reminders or overdue notices, or exchange notes with your customers.

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