How does BILL support international payments?

BILL allows you to pay overseas vendors and contractors electronically through the usual bill payment process. This capability allows businesses to pay in US dollars or in a foreign currency. By utilizing BILL to pay international vendors and contractors, you are able to leverage all of the benefits that come with BILL to streamline your approval workflow process, maintain controls and oversight of your finances, and most importantly, automatic reconciliation with your favorite accounting software.

To understand how to use international payments inside of BILL, please see the international payments support articles in our support center.

Why use BILL for International Payments?

BILL is a product designed to streamline your payment process, whether it is a domestic payment or an international payment. Because of that, using BILL makes it simple and efficient to pay your foreign vendors. Our solution can help you save on wire transfer fees compared to the average cost of banks, making it a cost-effective way to pay internationally. With BILL, all of your payments will automatically sync with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, Intacct, and NetSuite.

Visit our international payments page to learn more. If you're an existing user of BILL, you can log in and start making international payments now. If you'll like to give BILL a try and streamline both your domestic and international AP process, sign up for a risk-free trial below.