Get greater visibility into your note history, accelerate approvals, and more quickly resolve payment issues

Approve and pay bills faster

We’ve reduced the steps needed to approve and pay a bill so you can get some time back. Now, if you're the last approver and have permission to make payments in BILL, you can select Approve and Pay to go directly to the payment details page. Learn more about approving bills here.

View your entire notes history––right from the approvals grid

Quickly view your entire note history so you can review previous notes, leave a new note, and tag others to resolve issues if needed.

Get more context if bills are denied

Now, if an approver denies a bill, you can view the reason. Whether it's a duplicate bill, data entry error, or incorrect approver, you'll have more clarity on steps to resolve the issue. Learn more about approving and denying bills here.

Quickly fix issues blocking payments from processing

BILL now provides specific error messages for each failed payment when paying multiple bills at once. This makes it easier to understand why a payment resulted in an error and fix issues blocking them. For combined payments (those that include multiple bills), view all error messages related to it in one row.

At BILL, we're always striving to improve our platform and provide the best service possible. Have an update you’d like to see? Send your feedback to