The latest updates to BILL Spend & Expense (April 2024)

Simplify mileage reimbursements with the round-trip checkbox

When creating a new mileage reimbursement request via Google Maps, you can select a checkbox stating the route was a round trip, doubling the distance to reflect the mileage accurately. 

Create multiple similar reimbursements with greater ease

On web, you can now create a new reimbursement by copying an existing one—there's no need to start from scratch every time. All fields will be auto-populated with the copied reimbursement inputs, except for the transaction date and receipt. 

Frequently redeem points for travel rewards? It just got easier.

The travel rewards redemption page now shows the dollar amount of your TravelPerk transactions that are eligible for redemption. Easily input the amount you'd like reimbursed without any manual calculations.

Redeem rewards points for more travel

Redeem rewards points for reimbursement of travel purchased through companies outside of TravelPerk. Transactions will count as non-partner travel spend.

Say hello to transaction auto-categorization

Coding multiple transactions can take a long time. Spenders are often confused about which category to select, and sometimes, they don't categorize the transaction at all, making month-end reconciliation more challenging. 

Now, when a spender makes a purchase on their BILL Divvy Corporate Card, AI can automatically fill in the Category and Expense Category fields based on where the purchase occurred. This setting is now the default and can be toggled on and off in your company transaction settings.

Faster and easier manual bank account connection

You can manually connect your bank account more quickly and easily and have our system automatically verify it. This will reduce the chances of human error, increase security, and allow your bank account to be verified almost instantly rather than taking 2–4 days.

At BILL, we're always striving to improve our platform and provide the best service possible. Have an update you’d like to see? Send your feedback to