Dynamic home screen, easily add cards to Apple Pay, and more

New, dynamic home screen

The BILL Spend & Expense home screen changes based on role.

  • Admins have easier access to pay balances or view available credit limits
  • Budget owners can quickly review and approve fund requests and transactions
  • Spenders can easily add receipts to transactions or request funds

The new home screen will also help mobile users get up and running with their BILL Divvy Corporate Cards,* giving the status of physical cards more real estate. Whether a card needs to be ordered, is on its way, or is waiting to be activated, you’ll get a clear heads-up for a smooth, easy process.

Cancel disputes from the app

Need to cancel a dispute? Now you can take care of it right from the app — simply select the disputed transaction from the transactions page. Tap the three-dot menu and select Cancel dispute.

Admins can cancel disputes for any transactions. Members can cancel disputes for their own transactions, and Budget Owners can take care of any transactions in the budgets they own.

Streamlined identity verification

Occasionally, users are blocked from spending because their date of birth hasn’t been added to their account yet. The web version of the app now notifies the Admin when this happens and makes it easy to update the cardholder’s information.

Card delivery tracker on mobile

When shipping physical cards by Fedex, the mobile app now includes a delivery tracker (previously available only on the web), sending push notifications that tell you where your card shipment is in transit.

Only available on BILL Divvy Corporate Cards with Visa.

Easily add cards to Apple Pay on mobile

iPhone users can now easily add Divvy cards directly to Apple Wallet with a tap, right from the BILL Spend & Expense mobile app. Card information is prefilled to make the process fast and easy.

Only available on BILL Divvy Corporate Cards with Visa.

*Card issued by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

At BILL, we're always striving to improve our platform and provide the best service possible. Have an update you’d like to see? Send your feedback to feedback@hq.bill.com.