Handle reimbursements, approvals, and reconciliation with greater ease

Simplify reimbursements by tracking distance traveled with Google Maps (or manually add information)

When submitting mileage reimbursement requests, employees can enter their start and end destination along with any stops made. BILL Spend & Expense––using Google Maps––will automatically calculate the distance and the reimbursement amount.

You also have the flexibility to manually add a reimbursement by simply adding miles driven, entering other information, or attaching a receipt.

Filter by optical character recognition (OCR) auto-validated transactions

Filter your transactions table to only show transactions with receipts auto-validated via OCR (they have a green lightning bolt). This makes it easy for approvers to select and approve transactions with greater confidence.

Speed up reconciliation by downloading statements as CSV & XLSX

We added the ability for admins to download monthly account statements as CSVs, XLSX files, and PDFs. Need to reconcile statements in spreadsheet format? You can save time by downloading CSV or XLSX files and working directly on the spreadsheet.

At BILL, we're always striving to improve our platform and provide the best service possible. Have an update you’d like to see? Send your feedback to feedback@hq.bill.com.