Introducing: BILL Insights & Forecasting

Confidently plan for tomorrow with BILL Cash Flow Forecasting

BILL Cash Flow Forecasting is a powerful tool to help you take control of your business's financial future. It’s designed to provide you with a clear picture of your cash flow, enabling you to make more informed decisions.

To use BILL Cash Flow Forecasting, you need to be on a Teams, Corporate, or Enterprise plan, and have an active sync setup with QuickBooks Online.

Plan for success with predictive cash flow modeling

Leverage your historical accounting data to quickly generate cash flow forecasts. Look ahead up to 13 months.

Get timely cash flow visibility

Access cash flow dashboards with metrics including Cash In and Cash Out, Net Cash Flow, and Cash Balance through a direct sync to QuickBooks Online.

Stay on track with visual cash flow metrics

  • Track business performance by comparing budgets against actual cash flow. 
  • Test multiple “what if” simulations to forecast how business decisions could impact future cash flow. 
  • Explore specific accounts in your general ledger that most impact your cash flow—including payroll, AP, office rent, and taxes.

Customize to suit your business needs

Align dashboards with how you manage your fiscal year using monthly, quarterly, or annual views. Create as many charts as you like.

Ready to get started with BILL Cash Flow Forecasting? Login to your BILL account, and select the Insights & Forecasting tab in the top-navigation. Then, click Cash Flow Forecasting in the left-nav. 

You'll first need to connect your QuickBooks Online account. Once you have that set up, you can establish user roles and permissions, and see charts populated with data from your QuickBooks Online account.

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Say hello to BILL Insights

BILL Insights is a new feature included with any BILL Accounts Payable plan. It includes 7 out-of-the-box dashboards that aggregate your past AP transactions and give you visibility into opportunities to optimize your business.

Scan key metrics in a snap

Easy-to-digest dashboards showcase financial metrics such as top vendors by amount paid, average days to pay, aging summary, and more. 

Take action

Uncover trends and opportunities to redirect your business resources. Identify opportunities to renegotiate payment terms, spot unusual spikes in bill amounts, and identify ways to speed up your AP payment process.

Ready to use BILL Insights? There’s no set up required. Just log in to BILL, select the Insights & Forecasting tab in the top-navigation, and click Payables Insights in the left-nav. 

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