Introducing: groups and group owners for budgets

We’re thrilled to launch groups to help you manage multiple budgets and easily stay organized—even when handling a high volume of spend across the company. We’re also excited to introduce group owners to enable you to delegate budget management responsibilities while staying in control.

How do groups and group owners help you stay organized and delegate? Here’s an overview.

Stay organized across multiple budgets

You can organize multiple budgets with the same settings with the new group owner user role. Within a parent group, owners can establish budget subgroups based on business needs and maintain visibility across the company.

For example, creating a marketing group would enable that team to establish budgets for various spending categories like travel, advertising, video resources, etc. This would empower the head of marketing to manage those budgets with a set group limit and not have to continually go back to finance each time they needed to create a new budget.

Empower group owners

Groups also enable admins to maintain control without micromanaging spend budget by budget. Assign a spending amount for a group owner to manage across budgets. Group owners can manage budgets—including creating budgets, setting budget limits, adding and removing budget members, and creating vendor cards—without exceeding the original specified limit set by the admin. 

If you don’t want group owners to be able to create budgets and edit budget limits, but still want them to act like traditional budget owners within the budgets of the group, you can edit their capabilities to match your needs.

Pro Tips

Here are a few tips to make managing groups easier.

  • Copy or import budgets and groups into an existing or new group for faster, simpler budget/group creation.
  • To make sure the right spend controls are in place for a group, be sure to create a policy and add it to that group. Group policy settings will apply to all newly created budgets and groups within the group.
  • Feel free to use different reset periods for recurring funds in a way that works best for you within sub-groups and/or sub-budgets.

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