Streamline AP workflows for 1099 contractors

We’re excited to announce a series of updates that make it easier to manage accounts payable workflows for contractors you do business with. We’re rolling these updates out over the next few months, so if you don’t see them in your account today, stay tuned!

Make W-9 data collection easier with AI*

A new W-9 upload process helps speed up W-9 data collection and reduce errors from manual data entry. Simply upload a W-9 for a 1099 contractor and BILL’s artificial intelligence (AI) will get to work extracting data and adding it to the vendor’s record. You still maintain complete control—just review, add info, make edits if needed, and save.

BILL Accounts Payable customers can also request W-9 forms directly from contractors. A new option in the tax info tab (accessed from the vendor profile) provides the ability to request the form from users on BILL's free subscription plan, as well as vendors not yet connected to the BILL network.

Organize tax information for contractors in one place

The new tax info tab, accessed from your vendor’s profile, lets you view information for a 1099 contractor from a single screen. Quickly view whether or not a W-9 has been uploaded to BILL, past W-9 forms, the contractor's preferred payment method, and more.

Have peace of mind when paying your 1099 contractors

Easily check and verify W-9 status for contractors so you can make payments with confidence. BILL will even flag if a 1099 contractor is missing a W-9.

To learn more about these updates and how to take advantage of them, read the Help Center article here.

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