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Acuity Increases Revenue by $250,000 with

Matthew May, managing partner of Acuity, explains how his firm grows revenue and eliminates risk with
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Tell us about your firm.

Acuity provides everything from CFO-level services to bookkeeping for U.S.-based technology companies. We build our client base by bundling our services around innovative third party technologies to create virtual, paperless, and mobile financial services.

Why did you decide to use has helped us become a firm of the future.

When we were early in our life cycle, we handled bill payment through bank websites. We didn’t like the risk of giving someone carte blanche access to a company’s bank accounts to pay bills. We faced the dilemma of providing a segregation of duties for clients who don’t need full-time personnel that typically create a controlled environment. helps remove risk from the bill payment process for the firm and its clients. Today, we will not accept bill payment clients unless they agree to use

What do your clients think of

Our clients love because it facilitates paperless bill payment, reduces administrative work and lets clients manage their businesses and lives through multiple devices such as cell, tablet or desktop.

How has helped your firm profit?

We had no bill payment clients before adopting three years ago. With, we now have a service that brings in $250,000 a year in revenue.

The core of our business is to use best-of-breed software to build the firm and our services. is a fundamental part of our business plan. has certainly helped by providing an elegant technology and major assistance with our bill pay process via their workflow.

What tips would you give firms that are looking to improve and scale their business?

Explore how technology can protect your firm from risk while adding value for your clients.

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