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Blumer & Associates: “Our Clients are Blown Away by”

Jason Blumer, founder of Blumer & Associates, CPAs, shares how he built his firm’s business model on
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Tell us about your firm.

We’re completely virtual. We work with healthy companies that we coach towards a higher level of growth.

How do you use

We base our business model on We require it. Clients allow us to draft their monthly payment to us through We use it to pay the firm’s bills. With, we have created a standardized approach for controllership processes. We wouldn’t set up a controllership without

How have your clients responded to

There’s a blindness that comes with paper-based controllership processes. Clients can’t see what’s going on and think that’s normal. Once they’re on, clients are blown away. They can access reporting, payments, documents – whether at the office or in a cab.

What’s your ROI?

Our business model would not be possible without The time we spent on monthly invoicing is 0 minutes. We draft payment on the first of the month, and the money hits the bank. Our clients spend up to 80% less time on their AP with Just moving their AP from paper to digital through saves 50% of that time by itself. If I didn’t have, I’d be running a brick and mortar, paper-based, local firm. We have clients all over the country because products like allow us to do so.

What tips would you give other firms?

Use to draft your client fees. Do you bill any clients the same amount each month? Ask if they’ll go on a draft. You’d be surprised by how many say yes.

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