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Altva and Honest Paws Replaces SAP Concur

With, Altva and Honest Paws spend just two hours a week on AP versus the 20 hours they would have spent with Concur.
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Can you tell a little bit about Altva and Honest Paws?

“We’re a healthcare company that connects therapists with patients that need emotional support animals. We also provide pet-related products on our Honest Paws website, so most of our business is e-commerce — direct–to-consumer and through Amazon,” said Vinnie Recile, CFO of Altva, Inc.

What AP challenges were you facing?

“We have several lines of business that each have their own sets of bills. We needed to find an AP solution that would help us manage all of those payment approvals, provide an audit trail, and enable better visibility into what and where we were spending our budget.”

I understand that you used SAP Concur before moving to Can you tell me about that experience?

“We decided to go with SAP Concur because it popped up in the QuickBooks vendor search. The Concur implementation was an absolute nightmare. Our analyst put 50 hours into the implementation, and worked an additional 30 hours trying to make it work. Once we did get it installed, we didn’t have enough visibility into the payments. There were syncing issues and multiple integration issues with Concur and QuickBooks. We got to the point where we didn’t know what bills were paid — the bills would just go into oblivion.”

When did you make the decision to pull the plug on Concur?

“Three weeks after we went live, I’d had enough. Instead of simplifying things, we actually went backwards with Concur. At this point, my CEO gave us the green light to throw it out and find something better. I went to the website, saw a demo, and was blown away. I literally set up that same night! Seriously, it was that simple.”

How is solution working for you?

“ works great. It’s literally night and day compared to Concur! One beautiful thing with, you can map it to the specific accounts, departments, or classes within QuickBooks with just a couple of clicks. You can easily see what’s been approved by whom, when, and how, with just a touch of a button. With, AP is just a 2 hour per week task for us, versus the 20 hours of weekly pain with Concur.”

Would you recommend to others?

“Absolutely! The first day that went live, I told our employees to go in and approve their bills. Everyone was done in under a minute. SAP may be bigger than, but they’re certainly not better. An AP system should simplify operations, not add more complexity! When you asked me to tell my story, I said yeah I’ll take the time, because I don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through!”

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