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Ignite Spot Accounting: BILL is a "No-Brainer" for My Firm and Its Clients

Dan Luthi, COO of Ignite Spot Accounting, shares why BILL is a valuable part of his firm's technology stack.
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Tell us about your firm.

We offer full-service bookkeeping, CFO coaching, taxes, and process design services.  We are a 100% Intuit shop that’s been in business for a decade.

Why did you decide to use BILL?

A client referred us to BILL. I fell in love with it. We were doing AP and AR manually and it was cumbersome to work with numerous bank websites and systems. Plus, we don’t like to put ourselves in a position where we are releasing funds without client approval. With BILL, the business owner has control over what moves and when while we can enact approval workflows.  Now, we require clients to use BILL.

What do your clients think of BILL?

Clients love BILL because it makes their lives so much easier. We recently launched a client who was adamant that he didn’t want digital AP and AR. We explained BILL to him, its audit process and simplicity of payments, and he completely changed his mind. He went from “I want paper only” to “OK, we are going all in on BILL.”

How do you use BILL?

We use BILL for AP and AR for the firm and our clients. It’s a no brainer since it creates a lot of efficiencies and a cleaner process flow. The firm also auto-invoices every month and many clients will authorize automatic payments. It’s great for cash flow.

What would life be like without BILL?

BILL gives us peace of mind and saves us a lot of time. We’re confident that vendors are paid on time and accurately. If we didn’t have BILL, we’d probably have to hire at least three more employees. It’s an essential part of our technology stack.

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