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TED Conferences Cuts Accounts Payable Time and Effort by 60% eliminates manual AP processes, improves document storage, and simplifies annual audits for TED.
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What AP challenges were you having before

“When I started working here two years ago, we were still writing physical checks and mailing them out one by one. Since our CFO was getting tired of hand-signing up to 150 checks per week, he was very enthusiastic when I suggested we implement an automated AP system. I used in my last job and loved it, so it was the only solution I looked at for the upgrade,” explained Blake Seidman, Controller at Ted Conferences.

How is life different with

“By moving to, we’ve decreased the time it takes to complete our AP processes by 60%! We’re all thrilled with the new capabilities and automation, and we’ve heard nothing but great things from our vendors. With, we can trust what happens to our money after we hit the ‘Pay’ button. We know our checks will be issued accurately and on time, and all of our direct deposits will be in our customers’ accounts within 1-2 days.”

Are you using cloud-based document management and storage?

“Before, we had multiple filing cabinets full of invoices, and some were misfiled or not categorized correctly. We would occasionally have to go back to the vendor to ask for an additional copy of an invoice! We’re happy to be away from that life with’s efficient cloud-based storage.”

Have you used during audits?

“Since we’re a nonprofit, we get audited every year. This year we were able to give the auditors view-only access into so they could retrieve all of the documents they needed on their own. The audit process was much simpler and faster than before, both for the auditors and for our AP team.”

What is your opinion of customer support?

“ customer support is one of the best in the industry. Other vendors’ support lines will leave you hanging for days without a resolution, but with chat support, 99.9% of our questions or issues have been resolved in less than three minutes. I have also learned a lot of ‘tips and tricks’ from the support team. Live chat is crucial to the efficiency we’ve obtained with and Intacct.”

Would you recommend to other companies or colleagues?

“Yes, I’ve already shown it to several people, including one of our auditors. He asked to see it because he’d been hearing a lot of good things about Now whenever people ask him for advice on how to automate their AP systems, he recommends As we grow, we’ll have more vendors and invoices to pay. I am confident that can scale with us and take us wherever we need to go!”

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