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Thumbtack Never Misses a Beat is at the heart of the online marketplace.
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Thumbtack is an online marketplace that connects customers to service professionals. With over 700 employees, the U.S.-based startup offers nearly 1,000 types of services from event planning to home services.

Intuitive and Intelligent Accounts Payable

Thumbtack uses to pay vendors, to store documents, for approval flows, and for audit trails, encompassing pretty much the entire accounts payable side of the house. The company is also using for accounts receivable, following their switch to NetSuite accounting software in 2017.

“ is at the heart of everything we do at Thumbtack, including streamlining accounts payable, approval flows, vendor payments, and audit trails,” said Coreen Collins, Senior Accountant at Thumbtack. “The platform is intuitive and intelligent, automating my mundane tasks and saving me so much time. I love the ability to drag and drop invoices into my inbox and see full approval workflows. In addition, enables our team to be more efficient with our money, monitoring net terms and being more thoughtful about approving and paying bills.”

Automated Processes Means a Smaller Team

Despite large operations in the U.S., Thumbtack runs a lean finance team. “By automating all the mundane tasks, frees up a lot of time to help us focus on the company’s growth,” said Collins. As Thumbtack works to establish new entities, the company is keenly aware of the importance of streamlining payment operations, like manual bookkeeping, early on. This saves the team from managing unwieldy tracking spreadsheets, and eliminates the lengthy delays in approvals that come with paper checks and time-consuming processes.

Successful Audits with Direct Access to Reports

In the U.S., the Thumbtack team has been able to eliminate all hard copies of invoices. The team has undergone four audits, each painless and successful. Thumbtack can give the auditing team direct access to reports, enabling them to find documents and view payment details easily, saving time and money.

Exceeding Expectations Every Time

Thumbtack recently upgraded to NetSuite OneWorld and turned to the support team to guide them through the transition. “The support team was knowledgeable and proactive, and went the extra mile to make sure the integration was seamless. It was so reassuring to have by our side throughout the transition,” said Collins. “The support team exceeds our expectations every time!

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