After-the-fact expense management vs. proactive spend management

See why BILL Spend & Expense is turning the tables on traditional spend and expense management.

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According to a survey by and AICPA, CAS practitioners rank tax practices as their top lead source.

How can you work with tax practitioners to grow CAS (and your firm’s revenue)? Start by helping them understand how BILL Spend & Expense can make tax season easier.

How BILL’s card-based spend management solution works for your clients

Start with cards

Your clients’ employees are issued BILL Divvy Corporate Cards1, which are attached to budgets and enforce spending guidelines based on merchant, budget, and amount. They can have as many physical or virtual cards as needed at no charge. If a purchase exceeds a budget or is unauthorized, the charge will not go through.

Automatic data capture

Transactions can be precoded, so each expense is properly categorized. Your clients’ employees are prompted to upload receipts when they use the card.

View in real time

Your client can see expense charges in realtime on the spend management software dashboard, along with budget information, documentation, credit lines, and balances. As a result, spend information, supporting documentation, and payments are digitized, organized, and audit-ready.

Track and record

Spend is associated with budgets and tracked. The BILL Spend & Expense software syncs with accounting systems by mapping your full chart of accounts.

How BILL Spend & Expense makes it easier for tax practices

BILL Spend & Expense provides the tax preparer with expense management information, including expenses, codes, and receipts.

Benefits for the entire accounting firm

Tax practices

Start tax season with organized, properly documented expense management payments.

For the firm

Build stronger client relationships with year round services. Generate more fees by cross-selling.

CAS Practices

Add more CAS clients.

1See respective offers or terms. Card issued by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

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