BILL assets to co-brand for clients

Access BILL assets you can co-brand and share with your clients.

Table of contents

We have several assets in the Accountant Resource Center that you can send to your clients who are considering BILL products.

We've included space on each of these assets for you or your staff to add your firm's branding and demonstrate the partnership between your firm and BILL. Once you've downloaded the PDF of the asset you'd like to send, follow this guide to add your branding:

BILL AP/AR assets for co-branding

BILL Accounts Payable overview one pager

BILL AP Card for BILL Spend & Expense Clients one pager

BILL Accounts Receivable Overview one pager

BILL Pay by Card for International Payments one pager

BILL Accounts Payable International Payments one pager

BILL Spend & Expense assets for co-branding

BILL Expense Management overview one pager

BILL Spend & Expense Budgets one pager

BILL Spend & Expense Ad Spend one pager

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