How AI from BILL helps you bypass busy work

Achieve new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and time savings with BILL AI.

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BILL AI helps your firm avoid time-intensive, manual work to achieve new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and time savings. Our artificial intelligence has trained on millions of invoices to support accuracy and makes about 5 million predictions daily. Here’s how BILL AI helps with day-to-day tasks for Accounts Payable and Spend & Expense, enabling your firm to focus on higher value contributions.

AI and BILL Accounts Payable

AI invoice data extraction

BILL AI extracts critical invoice details from documents and uses that information to populate fields within a bill. This information includes vendor name, vendor email address, vendor full address, invoice number, invoice date, due date, amount, payment terms, PO number, IBAN number, and SWIFT code for international payments. You can be confident that extracted info is correct because our AI leaves fields blank if data isn’t recognized.

Vendor profiles

BILL AI can help identify vendor address information from incoming invoices, which helps you streamline the process of creating new vendor records.

Duplicate invoice detection

BILL will warn you if a duplicate invoice exists, so you can prevent your clients from paying the same bill twice.

Document splitting

BILL uses AI to detect and automatically split documents, turning multiple invoices on multiple pages into individual bills.

Make W-9 data collection easier

Upload a W-9 for a 1099 contractor and BILL’s AI will extract data and add it to the vendor’s record. You still maintain complete control—just review, add info, make edits if needed, and save.

Identify missing bills

The BILL Reminders report uses your client’s historical data to highlight potential missing bills, helping to prevent late fees.

AI and BILL Spend & Expense

Auto categorization

BILL AI helps code transactions in BILL Spend & Expense, saving reconciliation time and improving accuracy. It will populate categories in expense transactions, analyzing the merchant, transaction information, and the history of selections. It then will populate the field based on probable candidates.

If there isn’t a probable match, our AI will leave the field blank. It will also note and learn from corrections made to an automatically categorized field.

To learn more, request a demonstration or reach out to your account manager.

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