How BILL Spend & Expense is truly real time

Traditional expense tracking isn't tied to living, breathing budgets. With BILL Spend & Expense, our powerful combination of card + software means that you and your client can track—in real time.

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As an accountant, you know the importance of having visibility into your client's cash flow and spending habits. That information also forms the basis of any advisory that you provide.

The magic of BILL Spend & Expense is that the BILL Divvy Corporate Card* is tied to our software. The card reports each transaction to the software as it happens, so that managers, admins, and accounting professionals see the data in real time.

The BILL Spend & Expense app tracks each expense as it comes in and prompts each spender to attach a receipt right then and there, which means each expense is reported immediately and eliminates traditional expense reports.

Real-time transactions

Transactions made with BILL Spend & Expense do not require a separate upload process to the app because they are already occurring in the app. This means that you and your client can see each purchase as it happens.

Real-time insights

This real-time insight gives you and your clients a crystal clear understanding of their business expenses. Plus, the automatic syncs to your accounting software will allow your firm to better advise each client and close each client’s books faster than before.

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