Payment timing and limits

This guide outlines BILL's payment timing and limits for firms when onboarding new clients.

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This document is meant to be a guide to assist accounting firms in explaining BILL’s payment timing and limits when onboarding new clients.

Payment timing

Standard payment timing (SPT)

Standard payment timing refers to payments that are processed on the good funds model. The good funds model ensures receipt by BILL of the funding for a payment requested before the payment is sent to the client’s vendor. For payments sent with SPT, your clients should allow at least 4 banking days for the payment to be received by the vendor.1 Banking days are Monday through Friday (excluding U.S. bank holidays). Remember, you and your clients are solely responsible for ensuring that the client’s vendor(s) are paid on time.

Accelerated payment timing (APT)

Accelerated payment timing refers to payments that are processed faster than SPT. If BILL determines your client’s account is eligible forAPT, APT may be enabled on the account. With APT, ePayments will arrive in approximately 2 banking days. Again, banking days are Monday through Friday (excluding U.S. bank holidays).

Qualifying for accelerated payment timing

All new customers begin with standard payment timing, and may convert to accelerated payment timing after the client bank account has been verified and a certain number of qualifying payments2 have been made successfully through BILL. Conversion of a client account from standard payment timing to accelerated payment timing will be made in BILL’s sole discretion.

Payment amount acceleration limits

Per payment amount limit

For accounts with APT, BILL places single-payment limits on the amount that can be processed under APT for vendors. Payments equal to or less than this limit will be on APT (2 banking days). Payments above this limit will be processed on SPT (4 banking days). Remember, BILL reserves the right to cap or limit any payment at any time, for any reason, in our sole discretion.

For firms new to BILL, the initial limit assigned is typically $10,000. For existing firms with clients that have established a successful payment history with BILL, the limit may be higher than $10,000. For details on how to request an increase to your clients’ per payment amount limit, please refer to the next section.

Requesting higher accelerated payment limits

For client accounts with APT, you can request for accelerated payment limits to be increased to better suit your client’s needs. Requests for accelerated payment limits are subject to review and approval by BILL.

To request an accelerated payments limit increase, and Administrator on thee client account should submit a Payables (AP) Limit Increase Request.

Once submitted, the BILL Operations Team will review your request and your account, and reach out with any questions or requests for additional documents. You should expect the review3 to take approximately two business days.

You can learn more about payment timing and find examples here.

Pay faster: Expediting vendor payments

Sometimes a situation arises in which a payment needs to get to a vendor as quickly as possible. For those cases, BILL offers the following Pay Faster options to get checks and ePayments to your client’s vendors quickly and reliably.


Expedited checks are delivered by UPS or USPS, with tracking included. The payment deadline for expedited checks is 12:00 pm PT.

Please refer to our pricing page for overnight, 2-day and 3-day check delivery fees.

Per payment amount limit

The payment deadline for expedited ePayments is 6:00 pm PT.

Please refer to our pricing page for overnight ePayment delivery fees.

Pay Faster will be available on your client's account once it is enabled for APT. The associated limit corresponds to the account's acceleration per payment limit. For example, if the acceleration per payment is $10,000, the Pay Faster feature can only be used on payments up to $10,000. If the acceleration per payment is increased, the new limit will also be applied for the Pay Faster limit.

You can learn more about the Pay Faster feature here.

1Check payments may take longer due to USPS delivery times.

2Test transactions are not qualifying payments.

3Each request is reviewed individually; the review team may request additional information such as bank statements in order to complete the review.

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