Uplevel your CAS practice with BILL Insights & Forecasting

Financial modeling & forecasting is a laborious process that your firm goes through regularly for your clients. Learn how automated financial modeling can help.

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Help clients make timely and strategic business decisions based on timely cash flow data—without having to build financial models.

Financial modeling and forecasting is a laborious process that your firm goes through regularly for your clients. Manually entering data into spreadsheets from multiple sources, building complex models, and turning that information into digestible graphs and charts takes up valuable time and introduces chances for mistakes or failures.

What you need is a quick and easy way to view accurate, timely client financial data with just a few clicks. Automated financial modeling can help you achieve this at your firm. 89% of accounting professionals say that financial automation makes them more profitable and efficient.

BILL Insights & Forecasting automatically syncs with your firm’s accounting software to eliminate manual data entry and help reduce errors. Dashboards cover major metrics so you can simulate a variety of situations and offer more strategic, timely advisory services to your clients based on forecasting.

Increase efficiency and free up time to focus on CAS

  • Reduce errors and eliminate manual data entry with automatically synced live cash flow data from your accounting software
  • Take advantage of visualized dashboards covering major cash flow metrics such as Cash In/Out, Net Cash Flow, Cash Balance, Top Vendors, and more
  • Simplify your tech stack and centralize reporting

Confidently guide your clients’ cash flow decisions based on comprehensive forecasting capabilities

  • See into current cash-in and cash-out, and forecast cash flow for up to 12 months
  • Simulate various situations (such as hiring, equipment purchases, etc) and their impact to cash flow—and visually compare scenarios
  • Advise clients across a range of industries by creating unlimited custom charts and variables

Gain more control with insights powered by perspective modeling

  • Leverage historical accounting data and predictive modeling to create cash flow forecasting
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