Upskilling your staff through technology: How data builds advisors

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Firms with CAS practices are already well positioned to deliver on client’s rising expectations for insight. Not only does a CAS practice provide firms with a deeper, more intimate knowledge of their clients’ day-to-day operations, but they also have ready access to critical data for fueling analysis. The natural next step in a successful CAS relationship is to use this knowledge and data to deliver the insight clients need to become even more successful. That is the calculation many CAS clients are beginning to make, signaling new relationship and revenue opportunities for firms.

But are firms ready to deliver? For many, staffers are already stretched thin to provide the current level of CAS services – adding advisory responsibilities to their current workload may be unrealistic. And even if these staffers had the time to do so, many do not currently have the skills required to generate and share insights from the data coursing through CAS practices. New technology-enabled capabilities can help on both fronts.

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