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42% of the Forbes Fintech 50 Use - 5 Reasons Why

Today, 42% of the Forbes Fintech 50 use This number is increasing rapidly. Our CEO, Rene Lacerte, recently wrote on the immense benefits of partnerships between fintech companies and banks for both parties. Why do so many fintech companies also use

Here are my five top reasons:

1. The Network’s 1 million members is the most efficient way to pay vendors

We are the largest B2B payments network in the US with easy vendor search, payment vendor recommendations, and vendor invitations. The scale of the Network means Fintech companies have access to the most efficient way to pay the largest number of vendors.

2. helps top customers grow at 10x a year

Fintech companies turn to because they need to scale their businesses.  Across a wide range of industries, companies rely on to eliminate bottlenecks that prevent their business from scaling.  For example, in the four years in a row, our top sharing economy customers grew at 10x a year. This type of scale would not be possible without It’s also not limited to fintech or sharing economy companies. Businesses in all industries are using to grow rapidly. For example, I recently spoke to one of my customers leading a large software community. He recently doubled his Accounts Payable (AP) volume in the last 12 months with no increase in AP staff.

“We would not be able to scale our services or operations without”

Russell Farnell, VP of Finance, HR, and Operations

The Linux Foundation

3. The API allows hundreds of thousands of bills to be processed each month makes payments so efficient that new business models are possible. As fintech companies shake up the world of finance, many find that they need to automate payments to match their business model. Many companies turn to the API to scale vendor payments with minimal increase in accounting staff. Lessons from sharing economy companies on payment automation are being implemented in fintech companies. One of my clients was faced with scaling his sharing economy business into 46 markets and 120 locations in a year. He recently thanked for helping his business to scale.

 “I can’t imagine doing this manually at the volume we have. We’re using the API to automatically process payments and using algorithms to automatically detect fraud and unusual payment behaviors.”

Udi Oster, CTO and co-founder at Tapingo

4. is eliminating 19 billion business checks a year and solving a $1 trillion problem is working to eliminate 19 billion business checks a year. That’s a lot of waste in time and paper. Fintech companies know this. They choose because they understand the problems with the way money is handled and know we’re the best solution for AP and AR. Check out a recent interview of our CEO about B2B payment trends in Finetics Studio at Money20/20.

5. integrates with existing accounting systems

Fintech companies love that integrates into their existing accounting systems, whether that is NetSuite, QuickBooks, Xero, or Intacct. In addition to integration with accounting software, is a core part of industry-specific software stacks. For example, one of my clients in the manufacturing sector grew his business 300% in the first year of implementing He had this to say:

“I’ve set up Intacct and almost like an ERP system. We’re planning more integration with and will support multi-currency in the future. I’m prepared for even more growth.”

Kent Gregoire, CEO of EcoPlay Playgrounds

Let’s talk about how can help your business succeed. 


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