Strategically plan for tomorrow—today with BILL Insights & Forecasting

Strategically plan for tomorrow—today with BILL Insights & Forecasting

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By Irana Wasti, Chief Product Officer at BILL

At BILL, innovation is at our core. We build for you—our customers—so you can keep building momentum, achieving your goals, and focusing on your business. Our scale and experience positions us to continue to redefine how small and midsize businesses (SMBs) everywhere automate their financial operations. We are continually expanding the breadth and depth of our solutions.

In my role, I have the opportunity to speak to many of our customers. I’ve also dedicated my career to serving SMBs. Through these many conversations, I’ve come to understand that running a business is both incredibly rewarding, but also challenging. You need and deserve, technology, insights, and data to help your business grow. Which is why we want to show you more great capabilities from BILL to help you manage and optimize your cash flow.

We are excited to announce BILL Insights & BILL Cash Flow Forecasting: our latest addition to the BILL Financial Operations Platform. 

Helping you maximize business potential

Our new cash flow forecasting and insights tools are designed to empower SMBs and their accountants to better predict future cash flow, understand trends and opportunities, and make better business decisions, faster. 

With these new capabilities, BILL delivers the most comprehensive financial operations platform enabling SMBs to optimize, manage, and forecast cash flow within a single platform. SMBs will be able to access a fully customized dashboard offering a visual guide to your financial trends as well as data-driven modeling to help plan future cash flow. 

This is a game changer. Your BILL Financial Operations Platform already includes category-leading AP, AR, spend and expense management solutions. But when we look at what it takes to run a business, it’s so much more than paying bills or managing spend. You need forecasting and insights capabilities that are actionable to help you make informed and strategic decisions—whether those are decisions around capital allocation, expanding your product or service offering, raising prices, or hiring. 

SMBs want clarity, control, and confidence

Even though making the right decisions is essential for future success, when I speak to SMBs, they consistently tell me they are operating without the depth of information guiding those decisions. According to recent research that BILL conducted in December 2023, among 750 SMB financial decision-makers in the U.S., only 38% of SMBs are using dedicated financial planning and analysis software when managing their financial operations. At BILL, we want to change that for the better, so we can help even more SMBs benefit from these mission-critical tools. 

The average SMB uses more than seven software solutions to manage their business. That’s a lot to juggle, but it doesn’t have to be so complicated. You deserve smarter, simpler, and more integrated solutions for all of your financial operations. 

Why this matters

You’re already crushing it—but it’s a competitive world out there. There are 33 million SMBs in the US, and they all want to perform at their very best. In order to stand out, you need the best strategy. You need to know that the choices you make are based on more than your gut—they rely on timely cash flow visibility. 

We don’t want business leaders guessing about their future—we want to empower you with timely, accurate, actionable data and insights. We’re putting the future in your hands. 

Businesses are looking for more powerful and integrated solutions to manage more of their cash flow. BILL has listened, and delivered.

A look at BILL Cash Flow Forecasting dashboard

BILL's new Payables Insights dashboard

BILL Insights and BILL Cash Flow Forecasting are currently available to select SMB and accountant customers of BILL and will become more widely available in calendar Q1 2024.

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