How Measures Customer Satisfaction

January 30, 2015

This is an update to an article that I wrote over the summer. It includes new information from the community and more information on the metrics we use to measure customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our customers for helping us grow Your support is an inspiration to us. Over the summer, our customer support team achieved its highest customer satisfaction score ever. I wanted to update this blog post and include some new information.

The industry standard to measure customer relationships that can be correlated to revenue growth is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It was first introduced to businesses in the Harvard Business Review by Frederick Reichheld. In his article, The One Number You Need to Grow, Reichheld advocates that people focus on a very simple number and method of measuring customer loyalty. Reichheld discusses a single survey question that focuses on "customers' willingness to recommend a product or service to someone else." He felt that this was "the strongest sign of customer loyalty."

I focus on a closely related score that measures customer satisfaction with our customer engagement processes, the Transactional Net Promoter Score. achieved a score 81 in the summer. ;We set this record high NPS score during the busiest month in our company history. Generally, a score over 50 is considered good and a score of 80 is among the highest in an industry.

I consistently share our customer satisfaction scores with the company and most recently met with our CEO, René Lacerte, to contribute to his column on Every few weeks, René publishes advice for business owners and financial managers on One of his articles explained how business owners can improve their customer service reputation.

We read every customer survey and I was proud to provide René with these comments because we hear them often. I will share a handful to give a feel for our relationship with our customers. We really appreciate the relationship we have with our customers and the great notes that they send us.

"I LOVE - and Kelly was especially helpful, thorough, understanding, and encouraging!! I felt heard and listened to!! has an excellent product; but what makes it worth using is the PHENOMENAL customer support and constant software improvements that you continue to provide! THANKS" - Martha

"Support is always responsive and knowledgeable. Don't know how you do it, but your support is heads above any other software provider I've encountered." - Amy

"Very helpful staff. Excellent attitude and seems to understand my questions before I even get there." - Lidija

"'s customer support is one of their strongest assets." - Pam


In the last few months, we've had a strong increase in online reviews of our product and company. I'm proud to say that our customer service team is received an amazing amount of positive feedback to kick-off 2015.

Here's some comments that I recently read on the Intuit App Center.

  • "Great customer support I've been using for the better part of two years and I love it! Their chat feature has minimum wait time and the agents are knowledgeable and supportive. No complaints at all." - Jeanette
  • "Their customer service is awesome!" - Jeff
  • "... if do need help customer service with is second to NONE!" - Susan