Divvy is becoming BILL Spend & Expense: New name, same spend control

Divvy is becoming BILL Spend & Expense: New name, same spend control

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At BILL, we are passionate about supporting SMBs and continuing to provide innovative and easy to use solutions for our customers. We have heard from SMBs about what they want—an integrated platform that helps them reduce complexity.

Two years ago Divvy became part of the BILL portfolio. Offering spend and expense management functionality was an important step to deliver more capabilities to help SMBs automate their financial operations.

Adding Divvy was rooted in the desire to help our customers get greater control over their finances and confidence to run their business. This September, we will be taking another critical step by simplifying the experience for customers and renaming Divvy to BILL Spend & Expense.

Get ready for BILL Spend & Expense

Soon we will simplify the experience for customers under a single brand to enable them to further unlock the power of financial automation. Everything our customers love about Divvy will stay the same—from setting budgets to tracking spend and getting access to the credit businesses need to grow.

Over the past year, we began creating a more seamless experience across both products with one login, and a consistent look and feel. The next phase is about being able to access both AP and AR as well as spend and expense management from a single brand and website. Managing business spend and expenses with BILL Spend & Expense will continue to be fast, easy, and secure.

Unlocking the power of financial operations even more

While we will have a new name, our commitment at BILL remains unchanged: to help SMBs gain control and visibility into their finances so that their businesses can thrive. Get ready for the future of SMB financial operations—and get ready to do more with BILL!

What’s next?

If you are a customer using Divvy, there’s no need for you to take any action, these updates will be automatic. To learn more about BILL Spend & Expense please visit our FAQ.

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