Introducing a new Accountant Console for our accountant partners

Introducing a new Accountant Console for our accountant partners

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At BILL, we are committed to automating the future of finance so accounting partners and the small and midsize businesses (SMBs) they serve can grow and thrive. 

Last month, BILL announced a new financial operations platform for SMBs that integrates category-leading solutions across accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and spend and expense management. With this announcement, BILL has delivered the most comprehensive capabilities for SMBs and their accountants to optimize and manage cash flow within a single platform. 

For accountant partners, we understand the need for powerful and streamlined solutions that give firms more automation, integration, tools, and capabilities to enable even more client advisory services (CAS) opportunities to support clients. 

Helping accountants accelerate client business even more

Today, BILL announced a new Accountant Console that gives accountant partners of BILL greater control, visibility, and efficiency in managing client workflow. Firms can access BILL’s integrated financial operations platform of AP, AR, and spend and expense solutions in a single platform through the Console. The purpose-built Console is an accountant’s homebase across BILL’s entire product suite and helps maximize visibility and control across client accounts with firm-level reports and insights enabling better CAS. 

In addition, the Console provides firms with a holistic and integrated workflow to help accountants increase efficiency and free up resources for higher-value advisory services. The efficiencies gained can enable firms to expand CAS offerings and scale with ease.

New and enhanced features for the newly redesigned Console include: 

  • Manage clients and staff easily: With the new Console, firms can reduce time spent on navigating different platforms, and can manage clients and staff across BILL Accounts Payable, BILL Accounts Receivable, and BILL Spend & Expense solutions in the same flow.
  • Quickly onboard clients: When adding a client, firms can assign users a role in BILL Spend & Expense, BILL Accounts Payable, and BILL Accounts Receivable all at the same time. 
  • Complete BILL Divvy Corporate Card applications with ease: Once a client is added, firms can go straight into the BILL Divvy Corporate Card application and monitor the application status from the Console.
  • Improved Console Clients table: Through the reorganized Clients table, firms can easily view and find all clients and their relevant information all in one place.
  • Actionable client profile: The new client profile will provide tabs that give firms more visibility into a client as well as additional controls. Firms can directly manage staff roles, access their AP, AR, or spend and expense solutions, and even view credit limits and balances on their clients’ behalf.
  • New Bill Reminders report: Firms can more easily spot missing bills and see future bill predictions with the new Bill Reminders report, powered by machine learning. Coming soon later in October, this report will help increase the accuracy of accountant cash flow recommendations for clients, enabling firms to offer more varied and strategic CAS offerings.
BILL new Accountant Console

The new BILL Accountant Console is now available, with the Bill Reminders report feature coming later this month. To learn more about the Console, watch our interactive demo, view more information about the newest features, or read more about the Console.

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