Introducing BILL: Our new brand

Introducing BILL: Our new brand

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Since our inception, BILL has been a champion of SMBs. We work every day to support the digital transformation of these important businesses around the world. We know that when SMBs flourish, so do our communities and our economies.

The BILL brand reflects our ambition to bring financial automation to millions of SMBs around the world. Our brand celebrates the individual aspirations of the businesses we serve, and highlights the dedication of our workforce to support them.

BILL has come a long way in the last 16 years, and we’re only just getting started. We have an amazing opportunity in front of us: to better align our brand with the most important thing that makes BILL great – that is, people.

I am delighted to announce that our new brand does just that.

More modern, more BILL

So what’s changing?

One of the most visible changes will be our name. We’ve dropped the .com. BILL is rooted in our heritage. When our CEO, René Lacerte, founded the company, he wanted the name to reflect our support for both people that bill, and those that pay bills.  Evolving our name to BILL is simple, and it’s also how we are often referred to colloquially. Making this shift now feels right.

Along with our new name, we are embarking on a company rebrand that reflects the authenticity aligned with our corporate values, our value proposition, and our commitment to building connections with, and between, people.

We’re modernizing the look and feel of our brand to create a more engaging experience, and to honor and celebrate the contribution of SMBs to our communities and economies.

We’re sharing our message with more people and more businesses around the country, so we can scale our network and create more value for customers.

We’ll also be showcasing some of the amazing businesses that use BILL – businesses like Bear Robotics, Goodie Nation, and Repurpose.

Our brand is our story

Our brand goes beyond the ‘look and feel’ of our products, marketing initiatives or advertising campaigns. Our brand is the voice through which we speak, and the way in which we show up in the world.

It’s why we approached this brand evolution not as a marketing exercise, but as a ‘whole of company’ strategy to help us tell the BILL story for years to come.

I’m proud that our story will celebrate the humanity behind our technology, the impact we have on SMBs, and our continued leadership building and defining the future of finance.

Our promise to you 

BILL is, and will always be, a champion for SMBs.

We are a company that believes in authenticity. Our mission and passion for SMBs is core to our brand, our products and our team.

While our name and brand is evolving, our core purpose remains the same: to give SMBs full control over their finances, so they have the confidence to run their business, better serve their customers, and succeed on their terms.


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