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The New Expensify Integration: Our Customers Asked and We Delivered

René Lacerte, CEO and Founder

Feb 5, 2013

One of our core values at is listening to our customers and giving them what they need. One constant request from all of our customers has been to find a way to help make the always dreaded expense report process a bit less painful. While we can’t banish expense reports forever (although wouldn’t that be great!), we are pleased to tell you that by integrating with Expensify, the leading expense management provider, we can now give our growing community an easy, efficient way to manage expense reports.

One of the key benefits of our solution is managing the process of paying bills and getting paid. Now, with this integration, that process extends to employees who can submit their expense reports in Expensify, route them for approvals and pay them in Expensify allows users to easily manage their expenses by importing expenses and receipts from credit cards and mobile phones. With the new integration, employees can now submit a PDF version of their expense report in Expensify, and have it go directly to their account. It’s that easy.

This integration is possible because of the exciting new developer platform we announced in December. With this new platform, developers can directly integrate applications ranging from expense management solutions to CRM systems, in addition to accounting systems. The platform offers a complete set of open APIs allowing developers to deeply integrate and provide businesses complete workflows across their systems. As part of the platform, offers the first sync management framework that provides developers both best practices and a toolset for dealing with systems integration and sync. This framework allows for every integration to function similarly, so businesses can fully leverage multiple integrations at the same time and in the same manner. What this means to you is that can become your hub for your entire workflow, making every work process as easy as cash flow management has become.

This announcement with Expensify follows our initial integration with Xero, which has been well received by our community. We hope you enjoy using Expensify and please remember to watch this space for more integration news—we’re just getting started!


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