Setting SMBs up for success today and tomorrow

Setting SMBs up for success today and tomorrow

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BILL is a champion of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). We understand the unique challenges and needs faced by SMBs and we are dedicated to continuously innovating to help them transform their financial operations and thrive. For over 17 years BILL has been solely focused on removing the complexities of financial operations and making paying bills, getting paid, and managing expenses simpler for SMBs. 

BILL has become the center of our customers’ day-to-day financial operations and our customers are the center of our business. Today, BILL is helping more than 450,000 businesses automate their financial operations and connect with more than 4.7 million members in our network to pay bills and get paid. 

SMBs want more financial control

Every day, SMBs are telling us they need more control, efficiency, and visibility over their businesses. Paying bills is critical, but SMBs are also looking for more comprehensive, cohesive, and convenient solutions to manage more of their cash flow and financial operations.

To support our customers, no matter how they want to work with BILL, we continue to invest and innovate in our solutions. Whether they access BILL directly at, through 6 of the 10 largest US financial institutions who are powered by BILL, or from our partnerships with the thousands of accounting firms who trust BILL to help support their SMB customers, we are committed to increasing the value we offer over time. 

Evolving to meet the needs of our customers

After thoughtful consideration, and to ensure we are providing our customers the best possible solution, BILL and Intuit have decided not to renew our shared Bill Pay services agreement that involved BILL providing an embedded, simple bill pay experience in QuickBooks Online.

We created this partnership together over six years ago as an embedded bill pay solution to give customers easy access to bill pay. The breadth of our platform capabilities has advanced considerably over the last several years creating a new category of products for financial operations. We simplify operations and offer automation and multiple payment choices for both sides of a transaction within a secure and frictionless experience for customers.

Going forward, customers who use this embedded functionality will access their bill pay accounts and capabilities by logging directly into, rather than from within QuickBooks. Customers will start receiving communications on Monday, August 7th, but they will have until September 19th to transition to logging in directly to

Today, most BILL and QuickBooks customers already sign in directly to BILL. A small percentage of customers use the embedded simple bill pay product and they will need to take action to set up a login directly for BILL going forward. It is important to note that all QuickBooks customers using BILL will continue to be able to sync their data between BILL and QuickBooks. 

Helping customers gain more visibility and control over their financial operations

Direct access to BILL means that our customers will not only have all the same simple bill pay features they have come to love, but will also have access to a comprehensive suite of AP & AR features such as approvals and invoicing, as well as additional payment options and funding choices like Instant Transfer and Pay By Card. Access to the full capabilities of BILL provides more of the tools they need to succeed.

Additionally, because we know SMBs value choice and flexibility, these customers can now take advantage of working with over 6,000 accounting firms that use BILL. These accountants support a range of accounting software packages and are experts in financial automation. In addition, all of our customers are still able to integrate with BILL’s valued accounting software partners such as Xero, Sage Intacct, Oracle NetSuite, and of course QuickBooks.

We are passionate about supporting SMBs and will continue to provide innovative and easy to use solutions for our customers to automate their financial operations. The future is bright for small businesses and we look forward to showcasing the full power of BILL to these customers.  

Next steps for simple bill pay customers

If you are a customer using bill pay powered by BILL in QuickBooks Online, you will be contacted directly starting Monday, August 7th by BILL regarding this change to inform you about next steps to enable direct access through We look forward to bringing you an even better bill pay experience through BILL directly.

For more information, please refer to this FAQ on how to start signing in to BILL directly, and for other updates.

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