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Six Ways to Transform Your Business with Digital Payments

Preeti Sanketh
BILL, Principal Product Manager

Accounts payable and receivable are essential functions of running a successful business. While the ability to make and accept online payments for business has revolutionized the way many companies do business, all too often companies are still relying on paper checks for their accounts payable process and manual procedures for their accounts receivable management.

Paper checks and traditional methods make the accounts payable and receivable processes both inefficient and costly. Paying a single bill in a paper-based system involves submitting the bill and obtaining approval from one department before transmitting it for payment to another department, which requires printing a check, stuffing an envelope, applying postage, and ultimately getting the check in the mail. Multiply those steps by the number of paper checks you send out in a given month, and you’re looking at hours of lost productivity and mounting costs for postage and supplies, not to mention the possibilities for delays and missed payments.

Thankfully, there’s another option. Switching to digital business payments like an ACH or EFT transfer will transform your back-office operations, saving you both time and money, helping you pay and get paid faster, and making it easier to manage your cash flow. This infographic illustrates the six ways digital business payments will transform your business.


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