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The Top Free Invoicing Tools

The pain points of invoicing are endless. Sure, it may seem simple enough, but an improper process opens your business up to:

  • Human error.

  • Unprofessional branding.

  • Data duplication.

  • An excess of paper.

  • Not getting paid on time.

Not what you need when you’re trying to run a business.

The solution? Make sure invoicing never becomes an issue by utilizing an online invoicing template. This will free you up from the task of preparing invoices, and you don’t even need to implement a paid product to get started. Here are the three best free invoicing tools currently available in the financial space:

1. Zoho

Zoho Invoice is a web-based invoicing software that helps craft your invoices in minutes. Zoho offers a free online invoice generator that is simple, efficient, and easy to use. And, if you graduate from the free product, you can choose to invest in Zoho’s paid product that will allow you to not only create invoices, but track your billing hours, send automated reminders, and pull insightful reports that run in real-time. You'll get deeper insights into your billing, allowing you to make better decisions to improve your business.

2. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a small business accounting software that offers an easy invoicing tool that can create and send custom invoices on any device. Plus, if you are preparing invoices with Word or Excel, you can conveniently utilize their free invoice creator. This will allow you to create a multitude of professional looking invoices on your terms.

3. QuickBooks & Xero

Both QuickBooks and Xero provide free, custom invoicing templates that will help you organize your financial back-office. QuickBooks offers a free invoice creator that walks you through the necessary steps while Xero provides a multitude of templates that you can download and utilize at your leisure.

Invoicing shouldn’t be a payments pain point. Take advantage of these free tools and templates to create professional, simple invoices in minutes.


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