How do I use BILL as a payment gateway for electronic payments?

Utilizing a Payment Gateway for ACH via BILL

BILL is a business payments platform that enables any business to leverage the speed, security, and convenience of ACH payments, or ePayments. With our Accounts Receivable automation solution, you can get paid electronically by all of your customers through your branded payment gateway.

Who Can Take Advantage of the BILL Payment Gateway

There are many reasons why businesses want to get paid via ePayments through our payment gateway. Our system connects the vendor with its customers and keeps track of historical invoices and supporting documents for a complete audit trail. BILL also provides a messaging system to facilitate collaboration between vendor and customer.

Using BILL as your payment gateway also allows your business to leverage ACH payments. ACH is a low cost, electronic payment that lets you get paid faster than waiting for your customers to send you a traditional, paper-based check through the mail. Not only does the payment arrive faster, ACH will eliminate the trip to the bank in order to deposit checks.

In addition, ACH, at a flat fee of $0.49 per transaction, creates significant savings over payments via credit cards that charge a percentage of the total payment.

Other Features of BILL

An ACH payment gateway is only one of many features in our Accounts Receivable product that can help businesses get paid faster. Learn more about the other features of our Accounts Receivable automation solution, including invoice generation, accounting software integration, recurring direct debit of customer’s bank account, automated payment reminder and overdue notices, and more.