How can BILL replace credit cards?

Accepting Credit Cards is Costly for Businesses

If you are a business, you likely considered how you can provide your customers the ability to easily pay you electronically. Accepting credit cards, however, is extremely costly. For a $5,000 invoice, the credit card processing fee can range from around $150 to $300. This makes credit cards an unacceptable form of payment for a B2B company.

Use ACH Payments Instead

Credit cards are not the only form of electronic payment. Many companies have started adopting an alternative method called ACH. ACH payments are the secure network that banks use for the bill payment systems, and BILL is able to leverage it for business to business payments.

What is the Cost of ACH Payments?

BILL only charges $0.49 per ACH transfer. In other words, for the same invoice of $5,000, using BILL will only cost $0.49. Your business would have already saved a significant amount of money while providing the ease and convenience of online electronic payments.

BILL Can Automate Your AP and AR Processes

ACH payments is a great reason to use BILL. However, it also provides a huge benefit to your business processes. With our accounts receivable solution, you can automatically send out payment reminders and overdue notices, and payments immediately sync with your accounting software. In addition, our accounts payable automation solution provides an approval workflow that takes the hassle out of paying bills.

How do I get started with BILL?

BILL offers a 30 day-risk free trial. You have full access to our accounts receivable and accounts payable automation product. If you decide to not use BILL at the end of the trial, you do not have to pay anything. Get started with your risk-free trial to make your business more profitable and efficient today.