Accountant Console management quick reference guide

Helpful information on how to add clients, manage billing, access reports, and more.

Table of contents

Learn how to use the BILL Accountant Console with these handy instructions.

How to add clients

How to manage billing and statements

Manage client account features  

How to access reports

  • Console Billing - The Console Billing Report provides a breakdown of client fees by category by Client.
  • Payables Efficiency Insights - The Payables Efficiency Insights report breaks down data via the selected grouping (user or client), compares it to the selected SLA to show a percentage of bills exceeding the selected SLA vs total bills per month, for the selected time period.
  • Denied Bills List Report - The Denied Bills List report provides a list of denied bills across your console, along with details such as client, reason, and bill creator.  
  • Processed Bills Report - The Processed Bills report allows you to view bills your firm has processed within a certain period.
  • BILL Reminders Report - The Bill Reminders report provides a list of potential upcoming bills for vendors across your console clients, helping you budget, prepare, and prevent late fees. 

How to add, remove or edit access 

How to switch between a console account and the client account(s)

  1. Select “Go to Company” at the top, left-hand side of the console. 
  2. Choose the company you’d like to navigate to. 

If you have questions or need additional assistance, please visit our Help Center or contact your account manager.

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