BILL Spend & Expense client application checklist

A client checklist for starting BILL Spend & Expense

Table of contents

When your client is ready to get started on BILL Spend & Expense, they will need to apply for a line of credit to use the BILL Divvy Corporate cards tied to our spend management solution.

The application requires a list of information about your client’s business, their financials, and information on who is going to manage the BILL Spend & Expense account. Use this checklist to make sure you gather all of the correct information from your client when you submit their application.

Business information

  • Legal business name
  • Business addresses
  • Entity type
  • Formation date

Financial information

  • Annual revenue
  • Tax ID/EIN
  • Desired line of credit
  • Secure bank connection

Other information

  • Company owners
  • Account administrator
  • Verification documents

The full application process can take up to three days, but sometimes only takes a few hours. During this process, you’ll be assigned an Application Specialist who will liaise between you/your client and our internal teams. If you have questions about this process, please reach out to your Account Manager.

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