How to tell when your client is ready for BILL Spend & Expense

A checklist to find out which clients are ideal for BILL Spend & Expense

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BILL Spend & Expense is a solution that works well for everyone. But there may be some clients that will see more immediate benefits from switching.

Here are some indicators that your client is ready for BILL Spend & Expense.

Your client’s company has grown past the start-up phase

Once your client is in the growth phase, having visibility into their spend is more important than ever—especially if they’re considering an IPO. BILL Spend & Expense gives you and your client constant, real-time insight into your client’s cash flow—which will be crucial for audits, annual reports, and all of the procedures that come with going public.

Your client’s employees use corporate cards for expenses

Handing out corporate cards to multiple employees leaves your client open to the risk of fraud and misuse from employees. With BILL’s spend management solution you can get corporate cards for each employee that cannot be used to spend unless they have funds applied to them*. This maintains the ease of giving all employees access to their own cards without exposing your client to the risk of unapproved spend or the added work of employee reimbursements.

The company regularly deals with reimbursements (i.e. travel, items for events, etc.)

Reimbursements are time consuming and inefficient. Giving employees access to company funds to spend where appropriate cuts down on the time you spend chasing receipts and reconciling charges. Plus, your client will have full visibility into what money is being spent at all times, even before the money is spent—no more surprise reimbursement requests! Plus you increase employee satisfaction by not requiring employees to front the money for business expenses.

The company spends money on ads or regular subscriptions

With BILL Spend & Expense, your client can create virtual cards for each subscription and auto-pay the fee each month, or designate separate budgets for each advertising channel. The cards are also easy to switch off when it’s time for the subscription or ad spend to end. This ability to assign one virtual card to each subscription or to ad spend cuts down on the risk of one card being compromised and your client having to update all subscriptions or accounts with new card details. Plus, your client can earn even better rewards on ad spend with their BILL Divvy Card.

Your client regularly gives their employees stipends, or pays out bonuses or SPIFFs/SPIVs

When every employee has access to a BILL Divvy Corporate card, sending employees their stipends, handing out bonuses, or paying SPIFFs is simple, and the employee is able to spend that money immediately from their card.

In addition to these attributes, you can also find signs in your client’s financials that indicate they would benefit from an expense management solution. During your regular check ins with your clients, keep your eye out for these signs:

  • Missing papers and expense documentation
  • Disorganized and out-of-date books and files that require cleanup
  • Inaccurately coded expenses or expenses missing codes altogether
  • Slow, manual accounting and expense management processes
  • Excessive spend on software subscriptions and/or duplicate subscriptions

If your client meets one or more of these criteria, they are probably wasting time and money on an old-school spend management system. With BILL they can automate everything from budget control to transaction categorization to spending approval to expense reconciliation. They are ready—start the conversation about switching to BILL Spend & Expense in your next meeting!

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