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Here's how to add your firm to our Find an Accountant Directory.

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Hundreds of thousands of businesses use BILL to automate their financial operations. Ready to connect with them to help grow your firm?

Join our Find-an-Accountant Directory.    

A benefit of our Accountant Partner Program, the directory helps small and medium sized businesses find and connect with an expert to help them with their bookkeeping and accounting needs. Businesses will be able to search by location, service and software expertise, including BILL expertise.

Here's how to sign up.

Sign up for a listing


  1. Click “Get Listed.”
  2. On the next screen, enter the email associated with your firm's name and click “Continue.”
  3. Enter your first name, last name, company name, and create your password. Then click “Create Account.”
  4. You’ll then receive a confirmation screen letting you know that an email is coming your way. If you do not get an email, click the “Resend email” button.
  5. Next, you’ll receive an email confirmation. You’ll need to click the 'Verify email” link. The email comes from PartnerPage, which is the company powering the BILL directory software. 
  6. After you click the “Verify email” link, you’ll be taken to the login page. Login using your email and password. Click “Forgot” within the password field if you need to reset your password.

Note: Multiple people from the same firm can create an account. As long as email domains match, you’ll be assigned to the same account. For example, Sally with email and can both sign up for an account to manage their single listing for Super Accountants on BILL’s directory. 

What you need to create your listing

Gather this information about your firm, then log in using your email and password and begin editing your profile in our directory.  

  • Website: Add the URL to your website.
  • Company description: Tell directory visitors about your company, your vision, and the work you do.
  • Media: This is the main area on your profile where you can showcase visuals. We recommend uploading JPGs or PNGs that reflect your work, your value proposition, and your social proofs. There are six media slots available—make sure you use them all.
  • Videos: This is another opportunity to showcase your work, value proposition, and social proofs. This could be screenshots of work examples or the team in action.
  • Client logos: Boost your company's credibility by emphasizing client loyalty and brand endorsement.
  • Resources: This is a useful catch-all section where you can add URLs, JPGs, PNGs, and PDFs  to inform directory visitors about your work. This can include case studies, content marketing pieces, blog posts, and more. There are six media slots available—make sure you use them all. If you link to a resource asset using a URL, place a UTM link to traffic visitors from your directory profile.
  • Filters: These often include language, location, budget, and services offered. Filters are typically set by the directory owner(s). The goal is to allow clients to find an appropriate partner to help them with a specific job.

Contact for further help and guidance.

Editing your listing

Once logged into your account, you’ll see the option to edit your profile in the “Our Public Profiles” section. You can ignore the “Find Partners" and "Our Directory” sections—as they are included if you would like to use PartnerPage for your own partner directory. If you have any questions about this, please email

About section

This is where you’ll enter your company name, website address, and company description.

To add your logo, click in the “Company logo” section or drag and drop your logo here. Recommended size is a minimum of 400px and the file should be a JPG or PNG. Once added, you can replace your logo at any time by clicking “Replace image.”

Locations Section

Set your primary location by choosing the country, state/province, and city. To add additional locations, click “+ Add Location.” This will add another location drop-down section to choose country, state/province, and city for as many locations as needed. Once additional location information has been filled in, click “Done.” 

Added locations can be removed by clicking the red X. To add locations click “+ Add Location” and repeat the steps of filling in country, state/province, and city. 

The primary location is shown on the BILL Partner Page. 

Past work and videos

Adding past work

The “Past Work” section can be used for images or screenshots and for marketing purposes.

  • To add past work, click “+ Add past work.”
  • Next, fill in the title of the work and description.
  • Upload the file to be featured (JPG, PNG, or PDF).
  • After dragging the file into the upload area, click “Done” and work will be added.

From here, you can add additional past work, edit existing work, or delete past work.  

Work is shown as thumbnails until the thumbnail is clicked—which will then launch a pop-up window with an expanded view and work description. Users can scroll through work by clicking “Next” or “Previous.”

Adding videos

  • To add videos, click “+ Add video.” 
  • Add the video name and URL and then click “Done.” Make sure to grab the embed URL, which can be found in the “Share” options. 
  • From here, you can add additional videos, edit existing videos, or delete videos. 

Videos will show under the “Past Work” section on the Single Partner Page. To play videos, click the thumbnail. Click “Next” or “Previous” to move back and forth through videos. 

 Adding Client Logos

  • To add a client logo, click “+ Add Client.”
  • Complete the company name and either drag and drop the client logo into this section or click within the dotted line to open a screen and locate the PNG or JPG file.
  • From here, the logo can be edited or deleted. You can also add logos by clicking “+ Add client” and repeating the process. 


To add a resource, navigate to a website or social channel and click “+ Add resource.”

Resources can be added via a URL or images and PDFs can be uploaded. For a link, add the name of the resource, click “Link to an image or PDF” and then paste the URL dedicated to the image or PDF. 

To upload an image or PDF directly, click “Upload an image or PDF” and add the resource name. Or drag and drop the image or PDF into the dotted-line area. 

Once the image or PDF has been uploaded, click “Done.”

The resource will be added to the list of resources and can be edited or removed when needed.

Editing filters

In the “Filters” section, check all appropriate boxes that apply to your firm (in respective categories) and click “Save.” 

Completed profile 

Once you’ve completed your profile, BILL will update it from “Hidden” to “Public.” Your profile will then be live and look similar to the finished profile screenshot below.

If you have any questions, visit our Find an Accountant Directory FAQs or reach out to your account manager.

The information provided on this page does not, and is not intended to constitute legal or financial advice and is for general informational purposes only. The content is provided "as-is"; no representations are made that the content is error free.