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Amazing Race Showcases Our Amazing Customer Results

René Lacerte, CEO and Founder

July 9, 2013

A few months back, I told you about a contest we were holding for our accountant customers. The goal was to see how many clients they could move from error-prone, traditional accounting processes to the powerful, easy world of Cloud-based accounting. Many firms participated and shared their great success stories, but alas there can only be two winners. I am pleased to announce the winners today of our “Amazing Race” competition: Imagine Solutions and Krost, Baumgarten, Kniss & Guerrero (KBKG). Both companies did a great job on-boarding clients to, and they are testaments to the power and simplicity of the platform.

The companies are different in both what they do and how they became users, but are united in the fact that moving their financial transactions online has helped them build thriving businesses. I’d like to take a moment to highlight their success stories in recognition of all they have achieved and as inspiration for all we can still achieve in this new, paperless world.

Imagine Solutions Group

Imagine Solutions Group, a bookkeeping and administrative services firm, manages the books for 14 different clients, which proved hectic.  By adopting, they have been able to easily add new clients while remaining in full control of the business.  Now, instead of stuffing invoices in an envelope and mailing them to Imagine Solutions, clients scan and upload them directly to The CEO gets a notification in her inbox that new invoices are waiting for her. From there, she can go into the system to initiate approvals and payments.

“The workflow and the approvals are so much smoother with,” said Miranda Faulkner-Smith, CEO of Imagine Solutions Group. “Whenever we sign up a new client, the first thing we do is move them to the system. is our competitive advantage. It’s a way for us to attract more customers.”

Krost, Baumgarten, Kniss & Guerrero (KBKG)

Similarly, KBKG has a busy restaurant practice, managing accounts payable for about 14 different restaurants. KBKG started its practice in January 2011 and started using the same day.

“Without, we would not have been able to establish the practice,” said Donna Bateman, KBKG accounting manager. “We’re a paperless accounting firm. We do everything paperless—with our clients and in our offices—and we were not about to begin physically storing register receipts, credit card receipts, and invoices in filing cabinets. If we’d had to deal with all that paper, we’d never have gotten into restaurant management.”

“ makes it easy,” said Bateman. “KBKG wastes no time printing checks or stuffing envelopes -- it doesn’t spend money on supplies or postage and it doesn’t need a staff of people to handle an array of systems, because syncs accurately with QuickBooks and other accounting packages the firm uses, like Intacct. In fact, KBKG has exactly one person managing for all its restaurant clients.”

Congratulations to both of the winners, and to everyone who participated. Please keep sharing your success stories with us. It is the community that feeds our fast-growing Business Payments Network, helping us make life easier and businesses healthier as we move into this new era of the “No Check” CEO.

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